Term and Conditions


  1. Contest organizer is Golem Factory GmbH, a company organized and existing under the laws of Switzerland, with its registered office in Zug at Gubelstrasse 11 (street), Postal code: 6300 Zug.

  2. These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions on which the Contest takes place, including the rules of tis supervision. 

  3. Participation in the contest is free and voluntary.



    1. Contest – the contest under the name “Win NFT from Golem” organized by Golem.

    2. Terms and Conditions – terms and conditions that defines the rules of the Contest.

    3. Organizer / Golem – Golem Factory GmbH, a company organized and existing under the laws of Switzerland, with its registered office in Zug at Gubelstrasse 11 (street), Postal code: 6300 Zug.

    4. Participant – a natural person who is at least 18 years old or is above the age of legal capacity where the Participant reside who fulfil the conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions, taking part in the Contest.

    5. Task – a Contest task consisting in answer the question: “Why should you win?”.

    6. Contest Period – specific duration of the Contest which is from 20.06.2022 to 20.07.2022.

    7. Prize – 1.500$ (one thousand five hundred USD) to be spent on the purchase of an NFT within OpeanSea – the choice of NFT must be approved by Golem.

    8. Contest Committee – a committee consisting of 3 (three) persons appointed by Golem, evaluating the Task.

    9. Place of Publication – the place of publication of the Contest results in the form of the Organizer’s Twitter account at twitter.com/golemproject.



    1. The Contest participant can only be a natural person, who fulfils all of the following conditions:

      1. By 20.07.2022 at the latest, he or she has applied of his or her participation in the contest by the completing the application form made available by the Organizer on the Golem website at www.realitynft.golem.network,

      2. Has provided his/her e-mail address in the application form and has indicated the Task via the application form;

      3. He/she has read and accepted the Terms and Conditions (required field in the application form);

      4. He/she agrees to subscribe to the newsletter; 

    1. Participant has the right to complete the application form once and indicate one Task answer.

    2. The Organizer supervises the course of the Contest and the Participants’ actions undertaken in the Contest.

    3. Applications sent after the deadline specified in point 3.1.1. of the Terms and Conditions or violating the provisions of the Terms and Conditions will not take part in the Contest.

    4. The Organizer may exclude and Participant from the Contest if: the application is inconsistent with Terms and Conditions, the Task contains vulgar or offensive content or its contrary to good manners or generally applicable laws as well as in cases where the Task answer violates the rights of third parties.

    5. The Participant cannot contest the validity of the exclusion.



    1. The winner of the Contest will be selected from among persons who fulfilled all conditions indicated in point 3.1. of the Terms and Conditions and who will receive the Prize. The winner shall be selected by the Contest Committee.

    2. In the event that two or more Participants propose identical Task answers, and the Contest Committee find such Task answers to be the best, the Contest winner shall be the Participant who submitted his/her application earliest. The time of registration of the application form at the Golem website at: www.realitynft.golem.network.

    3. The winner of the Contest will be selected by the Contest Committee within 30 (thirty) days after the end of the Contest Period. Information about the Contest winner will be published on the Organizer’s Twitter account. Moreover, the winner of the Contest will be individually informed of his/her victory via e-mail.

    4. In the individual information, the Organizer will inform the winner of the Contest about the winning and give him a 10-day period to contract the Organizer in order to establish the necessary details of transferring the Prize, in particular name and surname, telephone number, address including postal code of place of residence and the winner must provide the Organizer with a wallet address which is hold solely by the winner. The winner of the Contest and the Organizer shall agree on the date when the Prize will be transferred to the winner of the Contest. The Prize shall be handed over by 30.11.2022.

    5. In the event that the winner of the Contest does not respond to the individual information about his/her victory within the time specified in point 4.4, first sentence, the Organizer shall make another attempt to contract the winner of the Contest, setting an additional 7 (seven) day period for contact with the Organizer. If the winner of the Contest does not contract Organizer within the additional time specified in the preceding sentence or fails to pass the AML/CTF verification mentioned in 4.8. below, the winner of the Contest loses his right to the Prize, and the Prize becomes available to Organizer.

    6. The winner of the Prize will be confirmed automatically on platform on the moment of transfer NFT from Golem to winner.

    7. The right to the Prize cannot be transferred to a third party. It is also not possible to pay the monetary equivalent which may be spent for any purpose of the Prize or to exchange it for another thing. 

    8. In accordance to point 4.4, the Prior to the Prize delivery, the winner will execute and deliver to the Organizer any and all requested by Organizer documents, data or information for the purpose of verification required under the applicable anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws (“AML/CTF”). 



    1. Golem underlines that the Participant’s personal data (are only used within the framework of the Contest as per data protection regulations to comply with the contractual obligations. Golem also states that this data will not be forwarded to third parties or given to them for use and will be treated confidentially as per the GDPR unless the participant expresses consent to have the information transferred to partner companies. A withdrawal of consent via email to [email protected] is possible at any time. One exception is in the event of a win the Prize, in which case the Participant agrees specifically that Golem may publish your name. By participating in the Contest, the Participant hereby, expresses consent to the storage of his email address and the stated personal data and that the data can be used for the execution of the Contest. Golem reserves the right to check the correctness of the data provided by the Participants. The user can gather information about the data stored by Golem at any time free of charge. Your personal data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for the aforementioned purposes. However, it may be necessary for Golem to continue to store your data until the expiration of the obligations and periods of retention specified by the legislator or supervisory authorities. For more information, consult our privacy statement on www.golem.network/privacy . 



    1. Participant represents, that the Task answer does not infringe any rights of third parties and is solely authored by him or her.



    1. Golem shall comply any of tax requirements required by the Swiss law and / or the law of the winner’s place of residence.

    2. If applicable, Golem shall comply with any KYC (Know Your Customer) legal requirements and make the release of the Prize contingent upon the Participant’s compliance with such obligations.



    1. The Contest Terms and Conditions are available on the website at: www.realitynft.golem.network

    2. Participant undertakes to abide by the rules specified in Terms and Conditions that he or she fulfils all conditions which entitle him or her to participate in the Contest.

    3. The Contest is run solely under these Terms and Conditions and generally applicable law of Switzerland.

    4. These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 20.06.2022.